What are your hobbies?

Besides drawing, I love to see movies with my kids. We are HUGE Harry Potter world fans and follow all the Marvel movies. I collect everything sea turtles, love my cats and puppy, enjoy dancing, cooking and drinking wine.

Where in the world would you travel to if you could?

This is a hard one because I’ve always been fascinated with exotic places and historical sites. I think I would like to explore Egypt and see the pyramids. I think their culture is very interesting and there are so many great things to see.

Which house do you belong in at Hogwarts?

I am a Ravenclaw! Ravenclaws prize wit, learning and wisdom. Intensely intelligent, Ravenclaws are also unique and think outside the box. :)


Hi there. Thanks for stopping by! I’m Kari, the heart and soul behind Two Turtles Art & Design. I am an Illustrator and graphic artist living in the suburbs of Kansas City with my two sons, two cats, Husky pup and my longtime boyfriend. I am a self taught artist and designer and have worked as a freelancer for over 15 years designing logos, marketing materials, wedding stationery, full product lines and artwork for licensing.

Some of my favorite things are: sea turtles, weekends at the soccer field with my son, going on walks with the puppy, quiet mornings with coffee on the front porch, a glass of wine with a book, and creating with my hands.

I use the name “Two Turtles” in honor of my two sons along with embracing my love (or obsession with) sea turtles. As you can see, one turtle is slightly larger than the other symbolizing the big and little brothers. :)


Some clients include Annie’s Barn, Sweet Chubby Cheeks, Flipside Pillow, and countless other small businesses.


I have appeared on the local morning show, Kansas City Live and my work has been featured in printed and online publications such as EA Bride, KC Weddings, Borrowed and Blue and Etsy features.